Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chinese New Year is Over.

Finally Chinese New Year is over. Before that I was not really in the mood of celebrating CNY but it turned to be one of the best CNY ever.

This time, I was able to meet up with my cousins and my bunch of high school class mates. All the gathering and fellowship were one of the best time of the year. Informed with lots of updates, like going to be father, going to be husband, going to be wife and many more.

Of course, I cannot run away with all the question like when to get married is the hottest question asked from aunties and friends. Well all the things ended up well this festive season.

Now is time to put 100% effort and concentration on work (career). Hopefully, this year will end up awesome as in achieving my goals.

Shall post more frequent this year. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chinese New Year 丙申年 2 days to go......

Hi everyone, with a bling of an eye, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Probably some people likes little children have blend into the mood of happiness. Probably some people like me with no mood to celebrate this festival maybe due lots of reason.

I am surrounded with problems in work, the poor market sentiment, and the uncertainty of future that waiting for us. Let's put these aside, get together with family members to have basic meal or reunion dinner (团圆饭)to kick start the year in this Chinese New Year celebration.

At this time, some of us may have done some shopping, spring cleaning, decoration in the house and etc. All those are parts of welcoming the new year ahead and letting go the year will be past (除旧迎新). At this time, I should learn to be more humble before God and be more humble before people. Said is easy and done can be difficult. I take this as my new year resolution as I have not done any for 2016.

We may be surrounded with more problems and challenges ahead, but let's embrace as this would cherish us if we succeed and I would life will be bored with everything goes smooth and silk. I would take opportunity to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year (新年蒙恩,福寿安康,阖家平安,新年快乐).


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last day of 2015

This will be the last post for 2015 before it ends.

Well, this year begin with knee surgery where I had a minor torn meniscus on my left knee and get it fixed in KPJ Johor with 20 days of MC.

The first quarter and second quarter 2015, I was very down with low performance of my sales due the market sentiment (eg. GST, and a big depreciate of MYR ) all the time with achievement of 85% YTD.

Third quarter of 2015, it was turning point for me where there is a human resource agency approach me with a brighter opportunity. I get myself into the new company in late October 2015 dealing anesthesia products and parenteral nutrition products.

And now as the last quarter of 2015, I would say myself is still in the process of adapting to new company, new customer profile, new working environment.

This year, I would say I have not accomplish anything great to be proud off. I have got myself to new milestone which is joining the MNC Pharmaceutical company and dealing with new form of products which I never heard of till the day I join this company.

I hope in 2016, it will be a great year to start with although I know there is a lot of challenges ahead.
May the good Lord bless me to endure and anticipate whatever it has to come.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

First post in 2015

As far as my memory I can recalled, is a post for each year starting from 2013... I guess that's right one post for a year which is lazy. How can I be that lazy??

Let's start the first posting with short and simple. By looking back to 2014, I achieved remarkable accomplishment. Although I'm the top representative for year 2013 but not for 2014 obviously.

This year will be tough year as I am handling the new portfolio again where no GP clinics and Individual pharmacy but government clinics, government hospitals and not to forget private hospitals.

I have not achieved my target in first quarter of 2015 and I believe my second quarter follows footstep of the first quarter. I feel is a disappointment but to accept the circumstances which is far beyond my control where the MYR is weaker and GST is implemented since 1st April 2015.

I will continue to post more and more frequent in 2015 and I will make it challenge to fight my laziness.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Again I would say welcome 2014 with this new post

Its has been busy days, weeks, year for 2013. I was medical representative take care of the GP clinic and IP ( Independent Pharmacy) business and now with end up as a different designation hospital representative. 

Last year was a challenge to me when I started the career in south of Peninsular Malaysia-- Johor and based in Johor Bahru. This place was a foreign to me and I had been here when I was a kid and a couple of times for vacation and of course pass by whenever get myself into Singapore. I have to learn the area well and my customers well too. It took me to master the geographical area for about 4 months and get to know most of my customers well in a year. Last year it was challenging year but not only I able to survive in my career and also I am fortunate to be the top representative of the company with the grace of God.

This year it will be more challenging as the sales target increases another 20 percent of the actual sales last year and I got the new customers. These new customers are Klinik Kesihatan for the entire Johor except for Tangkak and Muar district. Of course, now the GPs' and IP's most are given to the other colleague to take care. In the mean time, I started to do presentation in front of nurses, pharmacists, medical officers which I have not done it before besides presentation done in front of course mates and lecturers in my university life. It was a big challenge and the biggest challenge all presentation was done in Bahasa Malaysia which is also the ever first time in my life. Thank God I manage to overcome it and I will work hard on those area which need to be improved.

That is all about this post and I will update more in future. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Should I say the first post for 2013??

Is been a long while... there is an missing in action in this particular blog. The only one post so far in 2012. I think is time to get the rolling the stone for being hibernate for so long. This year, I think I should make this post as the first to kick start the momentum. Let's see and look for the next one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First post in 2012

2012 in Chinese lunar calendar is the year of dragon. In the Chinese culture, dragon symbolize a creator will rain and water which is benefit to olden days farmers in China where farmers depend heavily on rain to nourish crops to help them have abundance of harvest when the fall comes.

Today, we all know that dragon doesn't exist in this world and dragon is imaginary creator which brings good things like wealth, health, harmony within the family and etc. As we all know, 2012 brings hope to economy environment where we will be welcoming a lots of new born baby which the Chinese hope to have (龙子、龙孙) children born in the year of dragon. Thus, we expecting more population growth this year compare to the years before.

For myself, I wish I can get a good job to start up my normal life after being miserable 2011 that I thought I can succeed in short period after wasting 3 years compared to my peers. In 2011, I thought I can succeed by taking the path which those people avoid, but reality proves me wrong. I wasn't at the right path. Maybe God wants me to learn a lesson and I hope this painful lesson will be a constant reminder at all times in my life.

Now, is already mid of February and I still waiting for job interview and hopefully can start my working life as an adult in March of 2012. To me, it might be a late start for 2012 but seriously I hope this will never be too late to kick start my 2012. For now, I just need to pray and do my devotion every single day to follow the good Lord.

In the end, I hope this year will be a good year for me to make my wish come true. I want to pay up my education loan ( RM 39,000 not included interest) in 5 years. I want to pursue another level of education probably an MBA in my 30s. Just hope everything will run right and well.